Synthetic Scar are proud to announce the release of our
2nd full length album ”Dark Reflections” available to
purchase world wide on
  Dark Reflections - Syntehtic Scar

Trailer for Synthetic Scar's new upcoming album, Dark Reflection.
  PROMO KONCERT/Synthetic Scar & Logic System Disorder live @ Sax! club Zagreb

Ovoga puta u Sax nam dolazi jedna maaalo žešća svirka!
Iz Banja Luke (BIH) u goste nam dolazi mladi alternative nu metal bend Logic System Disorder koji će nastupiti zajedno sa domaćim bendom Synthetic Scar iz Zagreba!

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  Koncert - ZCUK regenerator, Zabok

Nakon izlaska novog studijskog albuma 'Puls', riječka grupa Diskurz kreće na turneju u sklopu koje će gostovati u zabočkom klubu Regenerator + Synthetic Scar

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  Wisdom čestitao rođendan Valhalli

Prvi od tri benda, Synthetic Scar, izašao je na pozornicu točno u predviđena 22 sata. Oni su Zagrepčani koji sviraju moderni metal, kombinirajući moderni izričaj i dobri stari metal. Glavne su im karakteristike elementi elektronike u pjesmama, višeglasja, sedmožičana gitara i niski štimovi bas gitare Tihomira Glogoškog, uz duboke vokale i growlove Filipa Brtana.

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  WISDOM, New Level, Synthetic Scar

Peti rođendan kultne Valhalle obilježio je odličan nastup mađarskih power metalaca Wisdom, potpomognuti domaćim snagama, bendovima New Level i Synthetic Scar.

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  Znate li tko su Synthetic Scar?

Povodom petog rođendana heavy metal partyja Valhalla koji će se održati u zagrebačkoj Močvari 14. prosinca razgovarali smo s domaćim metal bendom Synthetic Scar

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  Concert - Synthetic Scar in Močvara 14.12.2013.

VALHALLA – 5 years of heavy metal – heavy metal party by DJ Lawless & DJ Kneža

WISDOM (power metal – Budapest)
NEW LEVEL (thrash/groove metal – Zagreb)
SYNTHETIC SCAR (modern metal – Zagreb)

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  Synthetic Scar performing Amorphous LIVE @ KSET 12.06.2013.

Special thanks to Mr. Milan Bukovac for cam recording, Marko Čobanov for light, KSET for being cool and last but not least guys from BLACK LIGHT DISCIPLINE for great gig!!
Also thx to all bands we played with on Metal Resurrection(HGF) for great show and positive atmosphere in spite of coldness :)
  Concert - Black Light Discipline & Synthetic Scar

12.06.2013. / 21:00h
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Concert - Synthetic Scar@HGF

29.03.2013 / 21:00h
ZCUK Regenerator u Zabok
"Syntehtic Scar - Amorphous EP" By Filip Brtan

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Synthetic Scar - Betrayal
Synthetic Scar - Out Of My Mind
Album is called "Single Casualty"

Synthetic Scar VS HRT" LIVE
SYNTETHIC SCAR - Single Casuality (2012, d.i.y.)

Vau čoveče, opa, konačno imamo jedan hrvatski nu-metal više
"Gone 4ever" video is here!!
Synthetic Scar wrote some music for Serious Sam III BFE. Four songs for multiplayer and one bonus track coming out
Synthetic Scar is all about combining different styles of music (from electronic to hard core), In it's own core it is a metal band but we like to think of the band as a synthesis of modern electro music and old school metal. In other words, a combination where everything is allowed, there are no boundaries and Nu Metal is the meeting point of the band's expression. Nowadays often called New Breed Metal or Modern Metal.

Boro and File started with some serious writing, at last. Before this they were authors and coauthors of music and lyrics for other bands. Now seriously focusing on Synthetic Scar, they wrote songs for the first album...but that still was not it...When Tihi and Tonci came into the band and gave their points of view, finally it all fell into place and in that moment Synthetic Scar was born. Founded in 2010. as a product of ex Valium, Synthetic Scar started out as a project but has turned into a real eager-to-get-out-there and play band. In 2011. first EP was released with 2 songs, Save Me and Single Casualty. In 2012. Synthetic Scar wrote some Serious Sam 3 music
(4 songs which are remixed album songs and Gone 4ever as it is), recorded first album ("Single Casualty" released for Slušaj Najglasnije / Listen Loudest for Croatian market and Stereo Sapiens worldwide) and shot a first video.

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  Dark Reflections

Track list
1. Intro Atebrin
2. Beneath me
3. Amorphus
4. Erise me
5. So Damned
6. The sickness
7. Solar flares
8. Surrender
9. Belong 2 me
10. Tear me open
11. Forsaken
12. Freedom
13. Awakening
14. Hollow

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  Single Casualty

Track list
1. Gone 4ever
2. Shut Up
3. Not Like You(Creature)
4. Forest
5. Enemy
6. Betrayal
7. Out Of My Mind
8. If Not Mine
9. It Only Hurts
10. Save Me
11. Scream
12. Single Casualty(2nd edition)

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Filip Brtan (vocals, guitar)
Tihomir Glogoski (bass, vocals)
Tonci Vrdoljak (drums)

Hometown: Zagreb / Makarska