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  3. Serious Sam 3 BFE - Gone 4ever by Synthetic Scar 4:02


About Synthetic Scar

It all began with “Valium”(the band).

High school band playing gigs, mostly covers (2006.-2009.), in Makarska and city area. At one point Filip (guitar) and Boris (keyboard) started writing some songs…

Basically progressive metal songs. The first EP (Epitaph) was recorded in 2006. at “Cosmo” studio in Zagreb with big help from Miodrag Gladovic.

So the “Valium”story lasted for a while; Boris and Filip started learning how to write songs, and how to record them. There was a whole bunch of fails and some success.

In the summer of 2010. Filip and Boris wrote guidelines for what would, later on, grow into Synthetic Scar’s “Single Casualty”.

The first Scar

Filip moved back to Zagreb with hope that they would find musicians to work with on new material. Tonci (drums) and Tihi (bass) joined the band (still “Valium” at the time) and started to work on the material the guys wrote. Soon, Boris also moved to Zagreb to work with the band. Synthetic Scar was born.

Named after one of Valium’s previous demos – Synthetic Scars.

Scars of synthesis

The four started working hard on the material, adding something to the musical expression, new to all of them – the loops. The general idea of Synthetic Scar was (and still is) to combine aggressive low tuned guitar riffs with melodic parts and electronic elements. Others labeled Synthetic Scar’s music as nu-metal, new breed metal.

Somewhere in 2011. guys visited the “Cosmo” studio and recorded the first demo.

The first album, Single Casualty was released in 2012. for Listen Loudest and Stereo Sapiens via CD Baby. Synthetic Scar also did five songs for “Serious Sam 3 BFE” the video game, four of which were remixed versions of Single Casualty song and the single “Gone 4ever” as the album version. Gone 4ever, was also the first music video Synthetic Scar did.

Fun fact is that the whole album was recorded in just four days in atomic shelter led by Robert Knezic – Stereo Sapiens.


Four minus one, plus computer

Boris moved back to Makarska. Instead of finding another musician, the band decided to work on as if nothing had happened, using a laptop for playback of all the keyboard parts. In 2013. EP “Hollow” was released announcing a new album.

Dark Reflections reflected dark

The band did gigs for a while and then Tihi and Filip started writing some new material. In 2014. the second album, “Dark Reflections” was released for Stereo Sapiens via Ditto Music. This time a bit less aggressive and more melodic than the first album. Soon after Dark Reflections was published, inner turbulences started to form. In the end, Filip and Tihi found disagreement with Tonci about the usual band stuff.

Tonci left Scar, concentrating on other projects.

2015.-2018. The band is experimenting with music and recordings.

Nothing was published.

Fresh blood

In 2018. Jagor (guitar) joins Synthetic Scar. The band changes their usual setup, now having two guitars.

Filip, Jagor, and Tihi wrote music for the next big thing, Scar’s third album.

“Descendant” was released in 2020. for Stereo Sapiens via CD Baby, working titled as Nibiru. Soon after the release of Descendant, Kresimir (drums) joins Synthetic Scar.

2020. is an important year in Synthetic Scar’s calendar. After years of being silent, the band has gathered to be loud.

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